Unlocking Mental Performance Coaching for Youth Athletes

Curv is partnering with youth sports clubs and organizations to make mental performance coaching more accessible
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“Youth athletes should know that mental toughness is just as important as working out in the gym.”
Shaliyah Rhoden
Offensive Player of the Year, Providence College Volleyball
“The benefits of having access to mental performance coaches are huge."
Kevin Lawson
Harris-Stowe State Soccer
“This is something I wish I had growing up and was trying to make it to the collegiate level.”
Lexi Missimo
2023 College Player of the Year, Texas Longhorns Soccer

Science based and practically proven

Our coaches and programming focus on helping youth athletes successfully cope with the mental challenges of sport
Performing under pressure
Improving confidence
Learning resiliency
Managing sleep & recovery
Maintaining emotional control
Staying focused

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Become a partner, and let’s help support the next generation of youth athletes

From individual clubs to large associations, high schools and sports camps, our technology is flexible and ready to provide youth athletes with access to world class mental performance coaches.
Free Access
Access to the Curv platform and its mental performance coaches is of no cost to the club, association, or organization
Effortless Sign Up
Each partner receives a custom web page to share with club members, where athletes can sign up and start working with a coach
Commitment to Excellence
Boost your club's market appeal by showcasing a commitment to athlete support and mental performance coaching

Putting the Athlete First

With Curv, an athlete’s journey to the top is supported by highly-vetted expertise, personalized coaching methods, and an unwavering belief in their potential.
Expert Guidance
Our renowned coaches bring firsthand experience and proven strategies
Personalized Coaching
Every athlete is unique, and Curv's coaching methods reflect that
On-Demand Support
Our coaches are always there when your athletes need them most

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do clubs have to pay to access Curv’s platform and services?
What are the benefits of mental performance coaching for my club’s athletes?
How can mental performance coaching be integrated into our existing training programs?
What qualifications do Curv’s mental performance coaches have?
Can the service be tailored to different age groups and skill levels within our club?

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