Build Better Athletes

Remote player development using evidence based insights.

Coach from anywhere, to athletes everywhere

Scale your practice with a platform built to give you measurable insights on your athletes performance from any location.

With remote training you get more time to train more clients with increased earning potential.

Curv is built for mobility which means athletes can do assessment training off-site and share the data with their coach. Our technology gives coaches the edge to scale their business based on Curv’s principals:

Interactive Guidance

Tailor programs to improve an athletes power, endurance, speed, agility, stability, balance and more. Create the ultimate combine for your athletes.

Accountability Focused

Track athlete progress and performance in real-time. Empower your athlete to deliver results remotely via assessment check-ins.

Outcome Driven

Identify trends and compare insights with measurable outputs. Manage performance from anywhere you or your athletes are located.

Interested in Joining the Curv Beta?

We are looking for Beta users to help us test and improve our product so we can release the Curv App in June 2020, changing remote coaching forever.

If you are a coach interested in helping us test our suite of assessments and better understand how Curv can help you continue to coach remotely, please fill out the form and we'll be in touch.

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