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Unlock new branches of athletic development with a dedicated team of performance specialists
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What is the Curv Collective?

Your very own team of performance experts - backed by cutting edge tech

Curv Collective members receive 24/7 support from your specialized team of nutritionists, injury prevention specialists, and mental performance coaches. You also receive monthly AI-powered athletic assessments to measure your progress.
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The Curv Team

Next level specialists for your next level dreams

Justin MacLellan
Injury Prevention Specialist
Following his college soccer career, Justin turned his passion for sports and helping people into a career in Physical Therapy. These days he’s well equipped to create custom injury prevention programs to keep athletes healthy.
Elle' Nelson
Mental Performance Coach
A former collegiate athlete, Coach Elle’ is an expert in helping athletes tap into their competitive advantage to reach the next level of performance.
Diane Johnson
Sports Nutritionist
With decades of experience in holistic wellness, education, and coaching, Diane empowers young athletes to use food strategically to achieve their sporting and life ambitions.
Coming soon
Recruitment Specialist
Navigate the recruitment process with confidence and increase your chances of securing opportunities with expert advice from our recruitment specialist.

All the support you need, all in one place

AI-powered athletic assessments
Unlimited messaging with your team
Set goals and track your growth
Book 1-on-1 video calls
Programs built to fit your schedule

Curv Collective Membership

per month
Kick-off video calls with your team of specialists
Custom-built programming
Baseline evaluations to set benchmarks & goals
Monthly AI-powered athletic assessments
Unlimited messaging for ongoing support

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With Curv, athletes can work 1-on-1 with pro-level Mental Performance Coaches, Sport Nutritionists, and Injury Prevention Specialists. If you’re still unsure, we’d love the opportunity to discuss in further detail how we can support your athletic and personal growth.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I get to choose which specialist my athlete works with?
After my athlete becomes a member, how much are additional services from individual specialists?
How are the specialists on Curv hired/vetted?
How do the AI-powered assessments work?
As a parent, am I able to access my athlete’s progress/data?