Changing The Way Human Movement is Measured

Our technology allows health providers and fitness professionals to accurately and quickly calculate measurements within human movement, all from a mobile device.

Measure quickly, accurately and at scale.

Our platform provides greater insights into what practitioners are trained to see, but have difficulty quantifying with the naked eye.

All from a mobile device, measurements related to athletic abilities and fitness levels can be calculated and applied to clinical and professional settings. Track and visualize progress over time to improve outcomes and performance.


Using a mobile device, choose from a list of Assessments and record your subject performing the specific movement.


Our Machine Learning models apply key points to the body, calculating metrics and relative thresholds throughout the movement.


Through visual overlays coupled with metric graphs, areas of concern are highlighted on a frame by frame basis.


Monitor improvements over time by reassessing and comparing the previous results to the most recent.

Get Access to Curv

We offer multiple ways to gain access to our technology, through API licensing and the standalone Curv iOS application. Please provide more details and our team will be in touch.

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