Appointment Flow

Let’s walk through the flow of an appointment, from receiving a new booking to scheduling a follow up appointment.

1. The Notification

An email is sent as soon as a new appointment booking is made. The email includes the date, time, and client contact information.

We encourage you to reach out to the client, especially prior to a kick off, to introduce yourself and let them know what to expect or how to prepare for the appointment.

2. Intake Forms

If the appointment is a kick-off, Curv sends a general intake form to the client on your behalf. Once completed, the form is forwarded to you automatically via email.

3. Hosting the Video Call

Tap on the appointment in the Upcoming Appointment widget on your Dashboard, the Schedule tab, or the client’s profile to host the video call.

4. Reviewing the Appointment

Complete the post-appointment flow to trigger the billing process. Confirm that the appointment happened as scheduled, let us know of any issues, or leave a note for our billing admin if the fee needs to be adjusted.

5. Charting

Complete your chart notes for the appointment via the client’s profile.

6. Assigning a Program (optional)

Build and assign a program for your client based on their goals. This might be a home exercise program, education on how to manage their condition, or any other activities you’d like them to complete. Monitor their compliance and check in between appointments to help keep them on track.

7. Booking a Follow Up (optional)

If you discussed a follow up plan with your client, you can book the appointment on their behalf through the Schedule tab or from their profile. Alternatively, the client can book their follow up through your profile.

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