Post Appointment Flow

The post appointment flow is a confirmation by you that an appointment occurred. This step is required for us to bill a client and for you to get paid, so make sure to complete it!

Within this flow you can report a no show, technical difficulties, other issues, or request a bill amendment.

After an appointment has ended, you’ll see the “Needs Review” tag on it in your schedule and billing tab. Tap on the appointment to initiate the post appointment flow. If all went as planned, tap “Yes” and the appointment will be billed as usual.

If you need to report an issue, no show or request an amendment tap “no” and select the appropriate option from there.


Follow the post-appointment flow to indicate the appointment was a no show, and let our billing admin know if you’d like to charge for the appointment.

Tap on the appointment from your schedule or billing tab to open the post appointment flow

Tap “no” to indicate the appointment did not happen as scheduled.

Tap “no show” to indicate that the client did not attend the appointment

Decide whether or not you’d like to charge the client for the no show.

If yes, the billing admin will charge the $20 fee

If no, the bill will automatically be cancelled

Reporting technical difficulties

If you had technical difficulties during your scheduled appointment we want to know about it! In the post appointment flow, select “no” and “technical difficulties”.

Leave a note to let us know what the issue was so we can work to resolve it with you. If you’d like to adjust the fee bill to the client for this appointment, leave those details in your note as well and our billing admin can adjust the invoice.

Requesting a bill amendment

If for any reason you’d like to adjust the fee for an appointment, you can leave a note for our billing admin within the post-appointment flow. In the post appointment flow select “no” and “other” to leave a detailed note on how you’d like the bill to be adjusted.

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