Managing your clients

Adding clients to your practice

Already have existing clients that you would like to add to the platform? No problem. From your client list, tap the “+” button, add your clients information, and submit.

Your client will receive an email prompting them to download and onboard to the Curv Health app. Once they set up their account they’ll have direct access to message and book with you.

What if the client already has an account in the app?

When adding a client, you may receive a message that says the account already exists. All this means is that your client is already using the Curv Health app! In this scenario, they can book with you by finding your profile in the Discover Page.

Receiving New Clients

Curv’s Discover Page acts as a marketplace and provides opportunity for individuals to search for providers and book appointments. The Discover Page is filtered based on a client’s location, so they’ll only be able to connect with you if you’ve listed their region within your “Regions Served”.

In order to connect with you, clients are required to book an initial appointment. Once they do, an email notification of the new appointment booking will arrive in your inbox, along with an email and app notification of the new client.

Archived Clients

Clients appear in your archived clients list if they’ve deleted their account or removed you as a provider. You will still have access to chart notes for any clients in your archived list.

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