Curv Collectives

00 - What is a ‘Curv Collective’

  • A group of health & fitness providers who align on a specific thematic identity
  • Broadly, there are four thematic identities we see across Curv Collectives:

  1. Body Parts
  1. i.e., ‘Spinal Cord Collective’

  1. Sports
  1. i.e., ‘Running Injury Collective’

  1. Care Philosophy: Methodology
  1. i.e., ‘McKenzie Method Collective’

  1. Care Philosophy: Leader
  1. i.e., ‘Charlie Weingroff Collective’

01 - Why would I bother organizing a Curv Collective?

  • As the organizer of a Curv Collective, you would use your automated referral link to build the collective and have other providers register for Curv under your name
  • You will automatically be eligible for the 5% referral incentive for all revenue that flows through the collective - a huge incentive to help you build this brand & community of providers

02 - Why would a provider join a Curv Collective?

  • Providers have expressed interest in joining our first collectives because: 
  • (1) it validates their interest & expertise to potential clients: ‘I’m a great Physical Therapist for running injures - I’m even a part of this collective’
  • (2) it could end up being top of funnel to drive patients to them ‘I might get a few more clients per month’
  • (3) there’s very little additional work & no extra costs - it all runs through the free Curv account

03 - What is Curv doing to help set these up? What’s in it for Curv?

  • Curv is providing the entire infrastructure to run, market & track your collective: a beautiful website, custom logo, custom domain (i.e., ‘’), hosting and, of course, the providers’ Curv profile, payments, billing, scheduling & more
  • Curv is also allocating marketing budget to help drive awareness of the collectives and get your collective (and the providers within it) more exposure to patients via Social Media & Search Engine Marketing advertisements
  • Curv will also feature these collectives in organic content campaigns (social, blogs, videos, etc.) to drive awareness & traffic to these collectives

04 - What does a provider need to do differently?

  • Nothing! The provider only needs to join Curv and sign up for your collective by letting you know they want to be a part of it

05 - What do I need to do to organize one? Where do I start?

  • Promote your collective to your network, following, email lists & existing referral partners
  • Recruit at least 30 members (10 in Canada) to sign up - if you are unable to reach this number we’ll work with you to help promote it - but we can’t go live until we have sufficient number of providers in the collective and may change leaders if necessary
  • Recruits will be tracked using your customer referral link
  • Send out your custom referral link so these individuals are attributed to your account in the Curv website!
  • Host a short webinar and explain the collective, how it works, and who the heck Curv is!

Let Mark ( who, after your webinar, would like to join the collective, so he can add them to your collective’s website

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