Work Across Borders

Working virtually allows you to expand your pool of clients outside your immediate neighborhood. But does that mean you can work across provincial, state or country borders? It will depend on what type of services you are providing and the regulations set out by your region and professional regulatory body.

Note that the information on this page is not intended to nor should it replace formal legal counsel.

Canada - Working across provincial borders

When working as a regulated health professional in Canada, you typically have to provide care within the province where you are registered to practice. There may be some exceptions here, such as a Memorandum of Understanding between provinces for purposes of continuing care, or some provinces that permit virtual care across borders. Check in with your regulatory body to learn more about what’s permitted by your profession and province.

US - Working across state borders

Typically when working as a regulated health professional in the United States you have to be licensed within the state where you are providing care. With the expansion of telehealth during the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been some progress made in the ability for out-of-state providers to practice virtually. These options include temporary licensure for continuity of care, mutual agreements by neighboring states and telehealth specific licenses.  Read more about licensing across state lines here and check in with your relevant state licensing board to determine what options could work for you.

Working Across Country Borders

On Curv’s platform currently, clients must be in the same country as you in order to work with them. If you wish to work with clients in both Canada and the US, you would have to set up two accounts on Curv.

Working as a Coach

You may wish to set yourself up as a “Coach” on Curv’s platform. Working more generally as a coach, within your scope of practice, may allow you to expand the regions where you can practice, and your network of clients. Note that coaching services are likely not reimbursable by your clients’ insurance - as opposed to more traditional healthcare titles.

Adding and Receiving Clients

If you are directly adding a client to your practice (see how to do that here), they can be outside of  your regions served. For example, if you have Ontario and Nova Scotia listed as your “Regions Served”, you can add a client to your practice that is located in New Brunswick.

However, if another client in New Brunswick was looking to book with a provider through their Discover Page, they would not be able to book with you. The Discover Page would be filtered based on their region; they can only see providers that have New Brunswick listed in their regions served.

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