Frequently Asked Questions

What devices do my clients require to work in the Curv app?

The Curv Health Client App is available on both iOS and Android devices, and can be downloaded for free from the Apple App store or the Google Play Store. From their mobile device, your clients will be able to access all features of that app, including their programs, messages, and video calls.

What qualifications do I need to join Curv Health?

Curv Health is available for healthcare providers including, but not limited to: Physiotherapists, Dieticians, Psychotherapists, Counselors, Health Coaches, and Personal Trainers. As part of the onboarding process, we require submission of your registration number with the appropriate college and/or association and proof of certification. Within 24-48 hours our team will confirm your credentials, which then officially verifies your account.

Can I join as a Curv Health Provider and still keep my other job?

Absolutely. Curv Health allows you the flexibility to build your own private practice within the hours that make the most sense for you. We often see providers start off on a part-time basis as they begin to build their digital practice into a full-time business. Please feel encouraged to go at your own pace!

Is my client’s data secure?

Yes, 100%. User privacy and security is central to everything we do at Curv Health. Curv is compliant with both PIPEDA and HIPAA standards, and has received our SOC 2 compliance – the industry gold-standard regarding data security, privacy and confidentiality.

What is SOC 2?

SOC stands for System and Organization Controls, which covers things like our policies and processes and ensures the security of your clients’ data. These controls are in place within Curv as a company, as well as our platform itself.

Each Curv Health employee is required to complete Security Awareness Training, and we have a number of technical controls to ensure data security, such as firewalls and limiting access to sensitive information.

External auditors are the ones who approve our SOC 2 compliance, so you can feel secure knowing Curv is a secure platform for your client’s health information.

How and when do I receive payment?

You will be paid for each appointment within two (2) business days, assuming there are no complications (e.g. the client card was declined and requires an alternate). In the case that there are delays, you will be paid at the point that Curv settles the charge. Curv will transfer the accumulated funds from your Curv account (as seen in your Available Balance in your billing tab) to your bank account on a weekly basis, as indicated by the payout date located under your Available Balance.

Why does Curv use weekly payouts? Don’t I get paid instantly?

No payment platforms payout instantly online (you’ll often see bi-weekly payouts) as they need a few business days to settle the transaction. To make payouts more consistent - Curv opted to go for weekly payouts and communicates this date very clearly in the billing tab in the app - vs. hiding like some other platforms do!

How accurate is your computer vision technology?

Curv leverages the latest in monocular computer vision technology to achieve incredibly accurate measurements. Assessments completed within the app are composed of highly refined machine learning models that can track and measure multiple joints using just a smartphone camera. These models are highly accurate, measured to track the body within 1” (2.5cm) in our tests. This level of accuracy allows us to confidently provide posture, performance, and related metrics to your clients.

What do I do if you don’t have the exercise or activity I want to prescribe?

You can easily add your own custom content to the library. Simply tap the “+” within Activities, Routines, or Programs and fill in all the required fields. Anything you add will remain within your own library and not be available to other Curv Providers.

What’s the best way to keep my clients engaged through Curv?

Curv is built to make client engagement easy and efficient. Our beautifully designed and intuitive mobile app provides a great client experience, they’ll be excited to complete their programs and earn those compliance check marks. Plus, the ability to message your clients in between appointments helps to keep them motivated.

Can I use Curv for my in-person clients?

Absolutely. You can use Curv’s platform to manage your schedule in clinic or for home visits. Your appointments would just happen in person instead of over a video call!

Then ditch the paper handouts or emailed PDFs (which often get lost), and use Curv’s platform to assign your clients their custom program or plan. This way you can track their compliance and make yourself available for any questions or comments between appointments.

Do clients have access to their chart notes?

Client’s have a right to their personal health information and will be provided with their chart notes upon request.

How do intake forms work with Curv?

Curv sends clients a general intake form prior to their initial appointment with you. This form gathers details on your client’s general health goals and health history to help you prepare for your initial meeting.

I’ve spotted an issue (or bug) in the app, where can I report it?

Please help us make the Curv platform better by reporting any bugs or issues you may find. To do so, navigate to 'Settings' in your profile, where you will be asked to provide details around the issue such as: device type, what you were doing right before (so we can reproduce the bug), and what version of the app you're on. Additionally, if we need more clarification around the problem please let us know if we can contact you. All information obtained will only be used by those solving the bug.

Does Curv charge clients tax?

At this time, Curv is unable to charge tax on appointments. If you typically charge tax for your appointments, take this into consideration when setting your appointment fees and keep the appropriate amount aside to remit during tax season.

I’m a US provider, is money made through Curv (a Canadian company) foreign income?

Nope! Curv manages your payouts via Stripe (our integrated billing platform) as a US corporation. When an appointment is complete, Curv collects funds from the client. The funds that you are owed are immediately transferred to you in US currency (adding to your pending balance on the app). Once these funds clear the processing period on stripe, they move from your “pending” balance, to your “available” balance, and you are paid on your next payout date!

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