In-Person Care

If you’re planning to use Curv to see clients in person - you absolutely can! While Curv Health was designed with the virtual care provider in mind - you can still use Curv for a combination of in-person and virtual client care.


You can use Curv to manage your schedule in clinic or for home visits. Your appointments would just happen in person instead of over a video call! Plus, your client’s can easily book with you through the app. You can message with your client in the app and confirm details like the address, transit & parking.


In person visits can be billed the same as remote visits on Curv. Focus on delivering great care, without having to worry about asking for payment. After your appointment is complete, open up your Curv Health app & click ‘Appointment Successful’ and our billing admin team will process the bill for you. See our Billing Guide for a more detailed walk through of this process. The client will be charged on the card they have saved to their Curv Health profile.

Programs and Computer Vision

Our computer vision technology is another great way to utilize Curv in a hybrid approach. You and your client’s will be able to track progress over time across a number of metrics. See our Computer Vision Guide to learn more.

Ditch the paper handouts or emailed PDFs (which often get lost), and use Curv’s platform to assign your clients their custom program or plan. This way you can track their compliance and make yourself available for any questions or comments between appointments.

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