Billing Tab

The Billing Tab offers an overview your transaction history and tallies up your total earnings.

On each transaction you may notice different tags. Here’s what they mean:

Needs Review

This indicates that the post-appointment flow is incomplete. Tap on the appointment to update its status so our billing admin can initiate the billing process.


An appointment will show as pending until the client has paid. If an appointment is pending for more than 72 hours, it is likely that there has been an issue with the client’s payment method that is in the process of being resolved.


Once a client is successfully billed for an appointment it will show as paid and the total fee will be added to your available balance.

No Show

If you’ve chosen to charge a client for a no show appointment, the appointment will be marked as a no show and include the no show fee.


If a client has been refunded for an appointment, it will be marked as such in the billing tab.

Total Earnings vs. Available Balance

The total listed under your “Available Balance” reflects the amount of earnings that have yet to be paid out to your bank account. These will be paid out on the next payout date, which is shown under the dollar amount. Any dollars in a pending state are funds still being processed (which may take up to seven days). After being processed, the funds will be added to your available balance and included in the next payout date.

Your “Total Earnings” are just that. It reflects the total amount (both paid out and pending) you’ve earned while using Curv.

Appointment Fees

On the Curv Health platform you currently can set up a Kick-Off Appointment and Follow Up Appointment, with fees based on your hourly rate. So for example, if you’ve set your rate at $100/hour and your appointments are 60 minutes for a kick-off and 30 minutes for a follow up your clients would be charged $100 for a kick off appointment and $50 for a follow up.

If you’d like to charge a different fee than your hourly rate, Curv’s Billing Admin team can do that for you! Simply follow the post-appointment flow to Request a Billing Amendment and leave a note for our Billing Admin with details on the new fee. We will adjust the invoice before billing the client. Just be sure to discuss any change in fee with your client so they know what to expect!


Payouts from Curv Health are deposited on a weekly basis. No payment platforms payout instantly (most often you’ll see bi-weekly payments), as they need a few business days to settle the transaction. To make payouts more consistent - Curv opted to go for weekly payouts and communicates this date very clearly in the billing tab in the app - vs. hiding like some other platforms do!

Curv manages your payouts via Stripe (our integrated billing platform). When an appointment is complete, Curv collects funds from the client. The funds that you are owed are immediately transferred to you in your local currency (adding to your pending balance on the app). Once these funds clear the processing period on Stripe, they move from your “pending” balance, to your “available” balance, and you are paid on your next payout date!

Payment issues

The Curv Health platform removes much of the admin work from your plate. We require clients to have a valid payment method on file when booking an appointment, so payment issues are generally quite rare! However, if a charge for an appointment fails to go through, Curv’s billing administrator will handle this for you. The client will be contacted to update their payment information and we will re-attempt to charge for the service.

Note that you will be paid when Curv settles the charge, and while we will do everything we can to deal with any issues in payment we can not guarantee payment if we are unable to reach the client.


After an appointment has been billed, clients receive a detailed receipt via email which includes all the relevant information to submit a claim to their insurance (in Canada). Currently our receipts include the following details:

  • Client name and contact details
  • Provider name and credentials
  • Curv Health address and contact information
  • Date, title, and length (minutes) of treatment services
  • Total payment made by the client

To request additional information on the client receipt, leave a detailed note for our billing administrator during the Post Appointment Flow.  You may also request a copy of this receipt for your records through the Post Appointment Flow or by emailing

Viewing your income with Curv

Your total earnings are found in your “Billing” tab. If you’d like to see your income for a specific time period, open your Stripe Connect account through your settings.

Tap your profile icon, and then the gear icon to open your settings. Select “Manage Billing Account” to open your Stripe account.

From here you can view your total earnings, transactions, and payout information in more detail.

Manage Your Billing Information

From anywhere in the Curv platform, tap your profile icon, and then the gear to open your settings. Select “Manage Billing Account” to open your Stripe account. From here you can view your total earnings, transactions, and payout information in more detail.

Tap your profile icon, and then the gear icon to open your settings. Select “Manage Billing Account” to open your Stripe account.

Tap on the profile icon in Stripe to adjust your account settings, including your email, phone number or bank account details.

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