Quick Start Guide

1. Get the Provider app

  • Providers best option is to use our free web app - link here.
  • Providers use our 'Curv Health for Providers' app which is only available on the Apple App Store. You can download for iPhone/iPad here.
  • Clients use our 'Curv Health for Clients' smartphone app - we have both Android & Apple apps. Links can be found here.

2. Set up your Profile

  • Set your rate, hours & profile photo
  • Write your bio, specialties, and credentials (this can be edited!)

3. Watch our handy onboarding video

Onboarding & Editing Your Profile

  • How to onboard to the Provider app
  • How to edit your profile through settings
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Scan this QR code with your device to get started.

Or find Curv Health for Providers on the App Store.
Download Curv Health on the iPhone App Store!