Transferring to Curv

If you’re transferring to Curv Health from another practice management solution, we want to make this transition as easy as possible.

We’ve pulled together some information here on how to export your data from common practice management solutions and we'll be happy to help guide you through this process if you need assistance - reach out via here:

From Jane App

Have a look at Jane’s helpful guide for exporting client data, here, along with a summary of this information below.

Exporting Your Clients

Your patient list in Jane App can be exported from the Reports tab. If you’re working in a multi-practitioner clinic, the report can be filtered by a single practitioner to provide a list of clients only seen by you. Use the export button to create an excel file.

Exporting Your Appointment

From the Report tab in Jane, you can export appointment data. You can filter this report by practitioner and date. When filtered appropriately, use the export button to export the data to excel.

Exporting Your Chart Notes

To export your charts as a batch from Jane, email to request this. Note that the link to download the chart files will be sent to the account owner. The batch export of charts will be provided as clearly labelled PDFs and an excel file of all chart entries for each patient profile.

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