Virtual Front Desk Staff

Curv Health knows that care providers want to spend more time with clients and less time on administrative tasks. That’s why we employ full-time, North American-based ‘virtual front desk staff’ who help manage client administrative requests to help you stay focused on what you do best. Some example taks that our team can do for you:

  • Automatically send intake forms to clients who book a first assessment with you
  • Automatically send invoices to clients after you have reviewed the appointment & confirmed everything occured as expected
  • Alter bills and payment methodologies in the event of a client ‘no-show’ or ‘altered bill’ request by you (i.e., you’d like to give the client a discount to your standard rate.
  • Confer with clients who have questions about reimbursement, insurance issues, or related.

The Curv Health ‘virtual front desk staff’ team has your contact information and will automatically check with you in case there is any information required or any issue outside of incredibly standard processes (i.e., the client accidentally deleted their email invoice, and needs to be sent another one).

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