Work in Multiple Categories

Currently, in Curv - you need to have a bank account with a residency in the same country as the client you wish to work with. For example, if you wish to work with a client in the USA - you will need to have a USA-based bank account (with a USA residency).

If you do have USA and Canadian bank accounts - simply create multiple profiles by signing up for two accounts (or more) accounts with Curv by using a new email for each account.


If you have an email account hosted by Google (i.e., Gmail) you can create an email alias (a second email account that is linked to your main account) by adding a '+' sign to your current main email account with a descriptor. For example, if Mark was a registered mental health therapist who wanted to set up a 'Health Coach' profile on Curv, he could use the two following email addresses to create separate accounts but have all emails sent to the same inbox:

Mental Health Therapy Profile:
Health Coach Profile:

Curv sees these as separate emails, but gmail will route emails to both address to the same inbox for you.

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