Custom apps for digital coaching & templates

Sell HIPAA-compliant templates, at-home programs, messaging, video calls, computer vision assessments & more!
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Influencer monetization, custom built for health & fitness creators

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More than 'slots in your calendar'

To scale your business properly, you need to separate your time & earnings, in a HIPAA compliant app.

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Monetize your own content

Charge clients for at-home programs, messages, video calls, custom content, video assessments, and more.

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Generate passive income

Dive into a model where your earnings aren't tied to hour slots in your calendar. Monetize your expertise and turn every minute into an earning opportunity.

Why the world's best healthcare creators love Curv

"Curv is the program I wish I had as a new grad, in a ton of debt, and looking for ways to earn extra income."
Dan Pope, PT
40k Instagram followers
"As someone who likes to travel and take a lot of time to produce educational content…my favourite feature is definitely the 'Packages'."
Alexis Léveillé, PT
38.3k Instagram followers

A complete client management tool

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Video Calls and Messaging

Stay connected with your clients through secure and efficient in-app messaging and video calls.

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Client Dashboards

At a glance, your dashboards provide an overview on clients. Stay up to date on program compliance, upcoming appointments, and recent chart notes.

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Activity Library

Build and assign custom activities, routines, and programs to your clients to help them get the best outcomes. Curv also lets you upload your own content.

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Billing and Payouts

We take the busy work out of billing so you can focus on what really matters - providing high quality care. Set your own rate for your services and get automatic payouts to your account every week.

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