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Curv Health's secure platform does it all for Physical Therapists: scheduling, billing, messaging, programming, video calling, and more.
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How Curv is changing the game for Physical Therapists like you

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Skip the clinic "startup" costs

Starting an online clinic used to mean: build a website, find a scheduling tool, process payments, and more. Do all of the above (and more) within the single Curv Health app.

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Grow your patient roster

Booking your first clients can be the hardest part of starting. Curv arms you with custom booking links, referral codes, and free promotion in our marketplace of thousands of potential clients.

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Eliminate the admin work

Don’t get bogged down in paper work. Curv is your virtual front desk staff: automate intake forms, email reminders, calendar invites, payments, invoices, cancellations, and more.

Thousands of providers trust Curv Health

I think we've all dreamed of building our own clinic, but it can be scary and expensive to start. Curv Health is free to use and super easy to navigate. It lets you start your own practice without any overhead costs or admin work.

Kelsey Hupka, PT
37.8k TikTok followers

Before Curv Health, I used five different tools to run my virtual care and coaching business (calendar, payment processor, Google Docs for programs, etc.) now I engage and monetize clients entirely through Curv Health.

Erson Religioso, PT
37.2k Instagram followers

Curv took the most annoying problems of telehealth and made it their mission to solve them. The app uses artificial intelligence & automation extensively. I use Curv so I can focus on helping people rather than fidgeting with tech.

Alexis Léveillé, PT
29.3k Instagram followers

Curv’s simple Program editor allows me to quickly build templates, edit them to the unique needs of every client, and easily follow along with their progress - which saves me a huge amount of time and allows me to continue providing customized care, at scale.

Dalton Urrutia, PT

The ability to quickly schedule a video call or send a message allows me to support my clients when it’s convenient for them. The calendar automatically syncs back to my schedule and the email reminders means much lower no-shows or last minute cancellations.

Zach Hayes, Coach

I use Curv Health to provide "continuity programs" for my clients after they finish their rehab sessions. These programs are customized from my templates in the Program Builder and allow me to stay top of mind and significantly increase the lifetime value of my clients.

Lauren Roberts, PT

The newly launched tools: forged by physios, for physios

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Cutting-edge Computer Vision

With our advanced computer vision technology, you can remain objective and evidence-based even from a distance. Enjoy a detailed view of your clients' movements and provide precise feedback, as you always have.

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Client Dashboards

At a glance, your dashboards provide an overview on clients. Stay up to date on program compliance, upcoming appointments, and recent chart notes.

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Video Calls and Messaging

Stay connected with your clients through secure and efficient in-app messaging and video calls.

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Billing and Payments

We take the busy work out of billing so you can focus on what really matters - providing high quality care. Set your own rate for your services and get automatic payouts to your account every week.

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Activity Library

Upload and assign custom exercises and programs to your clients to help them get the best outcomes. Curv Health also lets you upload your own content.

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