Myths and Truths About Virtual Physiotherapy

For this webinar we were joined by Bahram Jam, Founder, Director, & Chief Instructor, Advanced Physical Therapy Education Institute (APTEI).

Our convo touched on how the industry / Bahram's approach to physiotherapy has changed over the last 30 years; Bahram’s experience providing care both virtually and in-person; how he implements creativity into his job; and we ended with some questions and answers from the live audience.

In this video

0:00 - Welcome
3:21 - Intro to Bahram Rahm
4:49 - Changes to the industry
8:51 - How effective is virtual physiotherapy?
15:24 - Creating an effective virtual environment
19:58 - Importance of self efficacy
24:00 - Audience question: which conditions respond best to virtual care?
26:56 - Audience question: is virtual therapy better for chronic conditions?
32:40 - Audience question: special skills for providing virtual care?

Learn more about Bahram here.

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